JL Weiler, Inc.

JL Weiler, Inc. has been engaged in pipe organ restoration, maintenance, voicing, and tonal finishing since 1983. The workshop, overlooking the Chicago River at 329 West 18th Street in Chicago’s South Loop district, is itself steeped in history, having formerly served as a warehouse for the venerable department store Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. Using techniques often associated with the conservation of historic artifacts, skilled artisans work to return voice and function to organ pipes and components. It would not be unusual to find us engaged in restoring a low-pressure mechanical action organ while at the same time in another area of the workshop releathering the upper lips of a high-pressure Diaphonic Diapason.

Founded in 1983 by Jeff Weiler, JL Weiler, Inc. has been devoted to quality with an emphasis in performance level service. Because of this, it has become a well-established and highly respected pipe organ restoration specialist with clients around the world. We specialize and take great passion in the restoration of vintage E.M. Skinner, Wurlitzer, Kimball, Casavant, Aeolian-Skinner, Robert-Morton and other high-quality symphonic organs.

With a staff of artisans, our workshop offers organ restoration, technical, voicing and tuning services, consulting, and organ relocation for churches, concert halls, academic institutions, theatres and homes. Our facility is also open for internships, hands-on technical sessions, classes, seminars and tours.

JL Weiler, Inc. is a supplier of restored artist-quality heritage pipe organs for the musically discerning buyer worldwide.

Mission Statement

JL Weiler, Inc. brings a high regard for detail, dedication to service, and museum-quality standards to the restoration and care of pipe organs in churches, universities, concert halls, and private residences throughout the United States and abroad.